Exhibition Milan 2021.HORM Italia

Horm Italia Srl is a manufacturer of high quality Italian design furniture for the home and contract. It brings together three brands: Horm, Casamania and Orizzonti Italia.
At the 2021 International Furniture and Interior Fair in Milan, the new “Mass Pressure” chair by renowned designer DROR was presented, which is the result of compression as a means of turning a cubic meter of foam rubber into a functional object. The metal frame to which the foam is attached provides the desired sitting position, giving the chair an innovative and exciting look.

Manufactured from three compressed layers inside a painted metal structure, the chair exists in a single copy, as a true work of art. The project is the result of a complex, wholly hand-crafted surface treatment that makes the foam suitable for coating with oxidized liquid copper and/or creating a decorative concrete effect on it. Thus, an excellent visual impression is successfully combined with the softness of the product.